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Who We Are


Frank Mirjahangir, founder and president of Amiran Construction, and Frank Mirjahangir & Associates Consulting Engineers, is one of few professional who can initiate a construction project from engineering design, construction management to build with unique architectural features.  

Frank begins with careful project planning and appropriate selection of materials for the southern California region environment, and carefully follow through on all projects.  His commitment to exacting craftsmanship is a value that characterizes the work of his company and his team and the qualified subcontractors he brings onto his projects.

"Clarity, responsiveness and professionalism: these attributes sum up our clients' experience with Frank Mirjahangir and Amiran Construction. 

Our Golden Rules to Every Project We Work On

-  ON PLAN  

We offers a broad range of  pre-construction planning and construction services specifically tailored to meet  the unique requirements of a client's project.  All of the services  provided are by highly experienced and motivated  teams of professionals  working collaboratively to determine the best solutions  for our clients.  


( A ) Home Owner Services:  Services ranging from landscaping to utility installation.
( B ) Contractor Services:  One-stop shopping for home builders & developers.
( C ) Professional Services: Offering project management, engineering & surveying on a professional level.

Here is how we can engage in your project from start to finish:
* Development of a project scope from a concept.
* Creation of cost estimates for funding of projects
* Addressing the sustainability of project components
* Start-Up assistance following construction completion
* Addressing the sustainability of project components
* Troubleshooting and process analysis of existing systems


Contractor  License A & B: 322325
Professional Engineering License: RCE20435


Green design, Eco- Friendly, environmentally safe, and  re-usable are common connection to sustainability. When it comes to construction  projects, it means building will last longer, perform better and overall cost  less.  Sustainable materials are environment friendly and can likely be re-used. 
At Amiran Construction, our sustainable approach utilizes the natural resource of light, sun angles, wind blow to coordinate with ceiling heights to optimize the benefit from the nature thus translate to less energy consumption and significant saving for building owner.

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