Featured Project

841 N Toulon Drive

Pacific Palisades , CA
Scope Of Work:

Building Envelope Roofing, Waterproofing, and Sheet Metal 

- Site Shoring Structural BlindSide Waterproofing

- Basement Walls Positive Side Waterproofing

- Underslab Bentonite Vapor Barrier Waterproofing

- Shower Pans Polymer Modified Mortar Sloping

- Shower Pans Fluid Applied Waterproofing

- Shower Walls & Overhead Sheet Applied Waterproofing

- Pool & Spa Shotcrete Shell Waterproofing

- Thermoplastic Roofing Membrane Beneath Bison Pedestal Raised Decking System

- Door & Window Sheet & Fluid Applied Waterproofing

- Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Door & Window Pans

- Concrete Tile Roofing

Client Reference:
Craig Williams - President
Craig Williams Construction
Architect: Phillip Vertoch
General Contractor: Craig Williams Construction
Approx Contract: $300,000
Completion: Aug 2017