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Founded In: 1990
Size: 10-19 Employees
Annual Vol: Undisclosed

Our Story

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Specialty Restoration and Refinishing is a locally owned company. Owner, Daniel Peters started this business over twenty-five years ago – with just one employee – himself. We have recently moved to a larger facility located in a newly developed industrial area in Westfield, MA – just minutes from Exit 3 of the Mass Turnpike.

Our new location offers us the advantage of large space (indoors & outdoors) in which we can restore anything from bicycles to bridges. We are completely mobile and have restored numerous bridges, municipal swimming pools, industrial equipment and buildings in the Western Mass area.

We employ highly experienced, talented and conscientious personnel with knowledge in the latest technology in applying High Performance Industrial Coatings, Epoxies and Urethanes with Airless, Conventional and Specialty Designed Spraying Equipment.

We specialize in:

Water Injection Blasting


Painting (Interior & Exterior)


Epoxy Floors

Large Equipment

Steam Cleaning

Brick Sealing

Electrostatic Painting

Concrete Pools + Repairs

Waste Water Treatment Plants

Special Coatings

Commercial And Residential Buildings

Factory Machinery

Pressure Washing


Dustless Sandblasting

The Dustless Blaster uses recycled bottle glass because it’s clean, eco-friendly, and good for a wide range of jobs. Specialty Restoration uses a rust inhibitor to prevent flash rusting for up to 72 hours. The effective rust inhibitor is added to the blast water to prevent flash rust during blasting and then used to rinse after blasting is complete. The Dustless Blaster is water injection power works by combining the water with environmentally safe recycled glass inside the blast tank. This abrasive mixture, eliminates dust while powerfully removing many coatings quicker than any other method.

This makes it great for:

Residential homes and buildings: No dust, safe if it comes in contact with pets or people, leaves the original surface intact. Can remove graffiti, grease stains, old paint, paper etc…

Commercial and Industrial uses: Perfect for toxic coatings such as lead and asbestos abatement. Dustless Blaster can be used in any weather. Works fast and efficiently so little to no down time.

Wood Restoration: Dustless Blasting removes paint, polyurethane, stains, lacquer, and any other coating from wood easily. Leaves you with a surface ready for any treatment.

Vehicles and Boats: Dustless Blasting is safe on aluminum, steel, and fiberglass. Removes old paint, rust, and watermarks.

Dustless Blasting advantages over old methods of restoration:

Environmentally safe, no extra containment needed. Can be done anywhere.

Preps and clean surfaces for any treatment.

Fast and easy, the quickest way to get the job done with less clean up.

Won’t warp thin metals like sandblasting


Interior & Exterior Architectural Coatings and Painting

Restoration  – Painting

Quality workmanship, efficiency, and commitment to perfection for any project, or size. Our fine architectural coating and painting has been used by large institutions to small homes. Refinishing, and coating techniques that produce great interior and exterior results.

Specialty Restoration can restore buildings that are timeless beauties or help create one. We have 25 plus years of experience in restoration, refinishing, and painting homes, offices, commercial, and industrial properties. Are list of clients include:



Restaurants, Bars, and Hotels

Private homes both large and small

Large apartment and condominium structures

Government buildings

Hospitals and health care facilities


Sports Venues, park, and pools

Retail outlets and malls

Interiors and Exteriors

Historic properties and many many more…..

We will work with your designers, architects, general contractors and/or property managers.

What We Do

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Service Sector:
Public Private
Project Size:
Up to $100,000

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Member of EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
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