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North Reading, Massachusetts 01864
(978) 470-2860

For over 35 years Dec-Tam has been providing specialty contracting services to customers in New England.  Dec-Tam has the reputation of being a professional firm that is extremely responsive and reliable.  Initially Dec-Tam started as an asbestos abatement company but as our experience grew so did our service offerings.  Today Dec-Tam is multifaceted company that provides services in three key areas:

Environmental Remediation

Asbestos, Mold, PCBs, Lead, Mercury, Guano

Surface Preparation

Water, Sand, Bead and Ice Blasting

Facilities Services

Selective Demolition, UST/AST Cleaning and Removal, Decommissioning. 

We provide clients with maximum value while ensuring that projects are completed on time and on budget with minimal disruption of their day to day activities.  Over the years, Dec-Tam has completed over 18,000 projects valued at more than $350M dollars.  Due to our excellent track record and financial stability, our current bonding capabilities are $15 million for a single project and $30 million aggregate. Our certification with Massachusetts’ Division of Capital Asset Management is for $10.4 million for a single project and $24 million aggregate.

In addition, Dec-Tam has received safety awards from the Associated Builders and Contractors and from the Association of General Contractors.  We are extremely proud of our safety programs and, due to the longevity of our staff; Dec-Tam’s experience modification rating is one of the lowest in the industry.

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