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Hillstone Restaurants

Biltmore , AZ
Scope Of Work:

Brand: Hillstone/Houston’s/Bandera,R+D Kitchen/ R&D Restaurant & Bakery/Honor Bar, Gulfstream, Rutherford Grill
Date: 1994 – Present
Project: Ground Up Hillstone Phoenix &  R&D/Honor Bar Santa Barbara, R+D Montecito, Bandera Chicago, Los Altos, Kansas City, Colorado, Texas, Old Town Scottsdale, Houston’s Scottsdale.

Cadillac of Restaurant Industry

Finest design & materials in country

All renovation work performed at night and on weekends; restaurants never close due to construction

AB Licensed in Arizona, California, Utah, Washington, New Mexico, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Texas — Kansas City, Missouri — New Orleans, Louisiana

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Hillstone Restaurants