Featured Project

Ferrero USA, Inc. (Tenant Improvement / Fit-Out)

Project Location:
Jonestown, PA
Aug 2019


78-81 Logistics Center, LLC
JVB Architect (Joseph V. Belluccia)
General Contractor:
Blue Rock Construction
Ferrero USA, Inc.

Scope Of Work

We retrofitted an existing warehouse facility for a new tenant, converting the mechanical dock levelers we had installed for the base speculative building to hydraulic levelers and installing vehicle restraints (AKA dock locks or truck locks) at all loading dock positions. According to a press release by Ferrero, the building totals 730,000 square feet.

“This is an important moment in the ongoing development of our supply chain,” said Luca Robbiano, Vice President, North America Supply Chain for Ferrero. “This new facility is an expansion of our logistics capabilities in North America that will help drive both strong organic and acquisition-driven growth.”

Project Images