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Wheaton Oaks Condominium Association - Exterior Wall Restoration

Scope Of Work:

The Client retained Structural Technologies services for the purpose of developing elevation drawings designating specific areas of deterioration requiring restoration and the preparation of project specifications. Field evaluation of the required restoration includes budget estimates and project schedules so that the client may allocate funds for the financial impact of the restoration project. In addition the Client contracted Structural Technologies to provide project administrative and managerial activities to facilitate the restoration process.

Picture 1: The existing wood trim, fascia, rake board, soffit and wall panels where analyzed by the Contractor in order to identify any structural deteriorated exterior wall components not designated as requiring replacement on the elevation drawings. Structural Technologies evaluated identified deterioration to establish that designated locations exhibited deterioration requiring restoration.

Picture 2: Structural Technologies schedules work in progress inspections at various phases of the restoration process to confirm that the materials on site and the installation of material are completed according to specification. The evaluation of restoration of the installation of the exterior wall system verified that the Contractor had completed the installation of housewrap, self-adhered waterproof membrane designated sections of masonite hardboard siding and the repair of designated wood framing.

Approx Contract: Not Provided
Completion: Jan 2014