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The Conference Center

Salt Lake City , UT
Scope Of Work:

The Conference Center is home to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's worldwide weekly program, Music and the Spoken Word, the longest continuous broadcast on air worldwide.

The schedule called for completion of the 1,500,000 SF facility within three years, even though the design was not complete. This required a joint venture between three of the state’s largest contractors, forming Legacy Constructors. The design schedule was streamlined, the main hall was fast tracked and working drawings were produced piecemeal to get the project under way.

The facility is used by congregations of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and for community cultural events. The facility is the largest type of its auditorium in the world, seating over 21,000 people. It also includes a 900-seat “small” theater, broadcast and theatrical performance facilities and a 1,300-car underground parking garage. In addition to the granite facade, a four-acre rooftop garden is complete with a meadow, water fountains and trees.

The interior has very high quality finishes, and the walls of the lobby are cherry and pear wood with granite floor tile throughout. The facility is completely computer controlled for the HVAC systems and is tied to the owner’s central control systems. The theatrical systems in the main hall have computer controls for the sound, scenery movement and lights to allow for complete pre-programming of an event.