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  • Est. 1976
  • Annual Vol Undisclosed

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Our Story

Over the past 35 years, Ivey Air, Inc. has established itself in the MechanicalHVAC and Sheet Metal industry with a reputation of high quality work and on time job completion.
Ivey Air, Inc. offers a fully equipped sheet metal shop for all of your fabrication needs. Our service department specializes in duct cleaning, air handlers, heating coils, evaporator coils, condensing coils, and refrigerant coils. We service and clean kitchen hoods, fans and duct breaching between the fan & hood exhaust and make up air for proper CFM. Our maintenance programs have proven to add longevity and efficiency to the unit.

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***Ivey Air, Inc. prides itself on the fact that we specialize in the fabrication and installation of kitchen hoods, and all types of exhaust systems large and small. (IKECA Certified)***

***Ivey Air, Inc. is one of the few companies that does a complete air balancing and air distribution analysis on heating , air conditioning and ventilation systems***

***Ivey Air, Inc. has completed all required classes and testing and is certified in air balancing by (NBI) National Balancing Institute***

Any and all inquiries are more than welcome. It will be our pleasure to assist you in resolving all of your heating, air conditioning and ventilation issues.

Ivey Air will also handle all roof penetration, flashing and counter flashing for permanency or temporarily if roof is under bond warranty.

Ivey Air, Inc. Offers the Following Services:

  • Design Build Engineering
  • Equipment Repair and New Installations
  • Preventive Maintenance and Full Service Agreements
  • 24/7 Emergency Service including
  • Commercial & Industrial Ventilation
  • Building Control Systems
  • Water Treatment
  • Chill water piping
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Air Balancing
  • Custom Duct Fabrication
  • Under Ground Duct-work
  • Welding, Field, and Shop
  • Certified Kitchen hood installers and Cleaning
  • Air Duct Cleaning

Ivey Air, Inc. was founded on November 20, 1979, by owner/operator Thomas E. Woods. From its beginning, Ivey Air has been recognized as a pioneer in finding new and innovative ways of creating more energy efficient and higher quality cooling and heating systems. Over thirty years later, Ivey Air, Inc. still operates on those same principals. In today’s world our experience in energy efficient layout and design methods related to HVAC has never been more in demand, especially our groundbreaking methods of air balancing in Bucks County, as well as throughout Southampton, PA, and the surrounding regions.

To this day, we do everything in our power to set ourselves apart from other HVAC companies and contractors in and around Newtown, Levittown, Southampton, Bucks County, Langhorne, and Bensalem, PA. When our client family needs services for their heating or air conditioning systems, we have the necessary experience and equipment to deliver high-quality service in a timely fashion.

The continual progress of our company has been contributed to the high standards we hold for our work as well as our customers. Because we are family owned and operated, there is nothing more important to us than customer satisfaction and nothing is finalized until the owner himself verifies the quality and effectiveness of each installation or service. That is our pledge as great contractors.

What We Do

Commercial Experience

Apartments & Condominiums Fire / Police Station Government Grocery Stores Misc Project Restaurant
Animal Hospital / Kennel Arena / Stadium Assisted Living Auto Dealership / Service Bank Casinos Church / Synagogue City / Town Hall Club House / Community Center Court House Data Centers - Mission Critical Design Build Education (K-12) Fitness Center Gas Station Golf Course Historic Preservation Hospital / Nursing Home Hotel / Motel House Industrial Maintenance Jail / Prison Laboratory Library Manufacturing Plant Medical Office Military Mixed Use Museum Non-Building Construction Non-Residential Building Office Building Parking Garage Post Office Pre-Manufactured Structures Radio / Television Station Residential Building Retail Store School / College / University Sewage / Water Treatment Plant Single Family Residential Storage Facility / Warehouse Swimming Pool Theater Theme Park Tract Housing

Regions & Counties Serviced

  • Pennsylvania-Eastern

Delaware All

Maryland All

New Jersey All

Pennsylvania All

Our CSI Codes

01 91 16 - Facility Substructure Commissioning
07 01 60 - Maintenance of Flashing and Sheet Metal
07 01 60.71 - Flashing and Sheet Metal Rehabilitation
07 01 60.91 - Flashing and Sheet Metal Restoration
07 01 60.92 - Flashing and Sheet Metal Preservation
07 06 60 - Schedules for Flashing and Sheet Metal
07 60 00.00.01 - Flashing and Sheet Metal
13 08 10 - Commissioning of Special Facility Components
23 01 20 - Operation and Maintenance of HVAC Piping and Pumps
23 01 30 - Operation and Maintenance of HVAC Air Distribution
23 01 50 - Operation and Maintenance of Central Heating Equipment
23 01 60 - Operation and Maintenance of Central Cooling Equipment
23 01 70 - Operation and Maintenance of Central HVAC Equipment
23 01 80 - Operation and Maintenance of Decentralized HVAC Equipment
23 01 90 - Diagnostic Systems for HVAC
23 05 93 - Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing for HVAC
23 06 20 - Schedules for HVAC Piping and Pumps
23 06 30 - Schedules for HVAC Air Distribution
23 06 30.16 - Air Terminal Unit Schedule
23 06 30.19 - Air Outlet and Inlet Schedule
23 06 50 - Schedules for Central Heating Equipment
23 06 50.13 - Heating Boiler Schedule
23 06 70 - Schedules for Central HVAC Equipment
23 06 70.13 - Indoor, Central-Station Air-Handling Unit Schedule
23 06 70.16 - Packaged Outdoor HVAC Equipment Schedule
23 06 80 - Schedules for Decentralized HVAC Equipment
23 06 80.13 - Decentralized Unitary HVAC Equipment Schedule
23 06 80.16 - Convection Heating and Cooling Unit Schedule
23 20 00.00.01 - HVAC Piping and Pumps
23 30 00.00.01 - HVAC Air Distribution
23 31 13 - Metal Ducts
23 31 13.13 - Rectangular Metal Ducts
23 31 13.19 - Metal Duct Fittings
23 31 16 - Nonmetal Ducts
23 31 19 - HVAC Casings
23 33 19 - Duct Silencers
23 33 23 - Turning Vanes

Project Experience

  • Non-Union
  • Public
  • Private


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Home Advisor Screened & Approved
Home Advisor Screened & Approved

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