Our Licenses

We have the following licenses.

Contractor License
Issuer: State of New York
Qualifier: Perennial Construction
Expiration: Not Provided

Our Certifications

We have the following certifications.

EPA Lead Certification
Issuer: State of NY, EPA
Qualifier: David Franco
Expiration: Does Not Expire
Issuer: OSHA
Qualifier: Michael Fortinberry
Expiration: March 1, 2023

Our Insurance Coverage

We have the following insurance coverage relationships.

New York Alliant Insurance Svc
Andrew Stergiou
New York, NY. 10019
Policy Type Amount Expiration Date
General Liability $2,000,000 06/01/19
Worker's Compensation Statutory Limits 01/01/20
Auto Liability $1,000,000 06/01/19
Umbrella $2,000,000 06/01/19

Safety Record & Training

We have an internal employee who is our safety contact.

In-house Safety Contacts:

Perennial Construction David Franco Julian
David Franco Julian
Chief Operating Officer
Years in the construction industry:
Overall Years as a Safety Officer:
Current Years spent as Safety Officer:

OSHA 300 Log Summary

Experience Modification Rating --00
Number of Fatalities --00
OSHA Recorded Injuries/Illness --00
OSHA Lost Work Day Case Incident Rate -- 0.00 0.00
OSHA Recordable Case Incident Rate -- 0.00 0.00
Number of OSHA Inspections --00
Number of OSHA Citations --00
Click here to view our complete OSHA record.

Drug Policy

Pre Employment Drug Testing
Post Incident Drug Testing
Progressive Discipline Program In-Place
Signed Statement from Management In-Place