Our Licenses

We have the following licenses.

Issuer: State of Florida
Qualifier: Oscar Souffront
Expiration: Does Not Expire

Our Insurance Coverage

We have the following insurance coverage relationships.

Combined Underwriters
Susana Armengol
Miami, FL. 33166
Policy Type Amount Expiration Date
General Liability $3,000,000 07/25/17

Our Bonding Capacity

We have bonding coverage with the following companies.

Alter Surety Group
Warren Alter
Miami Lakes, FL. 33014
Single Project Limit $250,000,000
Aggregate Limit $5,000,000
Expiration Date Not Provided
Bonding Letter Click to view

Safety Record & Training

We have an outsourced safety contact to leverage their expertise in this critical area.

Outsourced Safety Contacts:

Corradi Construction Group, LLC Johnathan Jaramillo
Johnathan Jaramillo
J2 Risk & Project Management