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Founded In: 2013
Size: 10-19 Employees
Annual Vol: Undisclosed

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ARKK Builders is a unique construction company in as much as we not only have 40 years’ experience in custom residential building and renovations, commercial construction, but enjoys the reputation of a premier forensics contractor.

Through the years, we have not only developed exclusive means and methods of determining causes of structural failures, water penetration, facade failure and salt water damage within a building but, through years of experience have prevailed in diminishing outrageous costs of repairs that our competition has failed to accomplish.

EXPERIENCE and CONCERN is the key to realizing the nightmare that comes with ownership when cracks in the structure have suddenly appeared, that ugly color of rust that has painted the façade, and the sudden appearance of leaks in the building.  Dealing with lending institutions is just another nightmare when you are informed that the conditions that have been carefully scrutinized and demand immediate attention, is just another service we provide which enables the client to weather the storm. Obtaining financing today is not easy when it comes to structural issues in your building.  And, unless your pockets are lined with gold, you can experience a stress level that compares to no charts.

The trend of converting multi-unit buildings into condominiums have given rise to facts that maintenance has been the key in preventing high and unexpected assessments of the owners of the each and every condo unit.  Many times that unexpected letter in the mail requesting as much as $30,000.00 and $40,000.00 for contribution of repairs to a building can be so devastating that the option of foreclosure is imminent.

The loss of being able to obtain a certificate of occupancy (C of O), eviction of the building for life threatening and safety issues are the most devastating events that cause unit owners to leave everything behind and force foreclosure.  But did you know that there are grants available that can assist the unit owners in managing that unexpected notice of assessment and you have no commitment of repayment?  We also have financing within our company that can soften the blow as well.

If you have been fortunate enough to hire ARKK BUILDERS LLC., your troubles are not only manageable, but in many cases are eliminated with financial assistance.

We look forward to holding your hands through what may be the loss of your investment, or just the added stress that comes with unexpected assessments.

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