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Welcome to SnapNStrut American Made pipe hanger fittings and accessories. We are the home of the fastest, most versatile, and thoroughly engineered one-piece hinged pipe hangers, cable hangers, and conduit hangers ever made. For engineers and contractors alike, SnapNStrut has it all!  SnapnStrut hangers have been used in commercial and industrial facilities for over 20 years.  Some sizes are approved for Radiax cable installation in train tunnels for BART and Washington Metro etc.   Some sizes of our nylon line of hangers are UL rated for flame and thermal properties and some are rated for support UL2239 as well as use in Air Handling Space Returns,  UL2240 Plenums.  We also offer an option for Polypropylene for our corrosion resistant and low load applications

Beloit Plastics, LLC is a family owned company in Beloit, WI. We occupy a 38,000 square foot building on Inman Pkwy, in which we have a production floor and a showroom. Our showroom doubles as a store, for those of you who may want to stop by to check out our products in person. As our name suggests, our company focuses on manufacturing plastic products, as well as some rubber materials. We specialize in injection molding, mold and die design, parts assembly, and retail packaging. Our products can fill a vast range of needs, offering lawn decorations, shelving, tables, storage options, and SnapNStrut pipe and conduit hangers.

SnapnStrut HS style plastic pipe hanger clamp can replace a plastic j hook pipe hanger and offers better strength, safer (screw instead of nail), and better corrosion and UV protection.

SnapnStrut nylon pipe hanger works great for schedule 40 and 80 pvc pipe hanger, conduit hanger clamp, copper pipe hanger, and all types of tubing.

Snapnstrut P version fit as strut pipe clamps and install on threaded rod to replace swivel loop hangers and split ring pipe hangers.

New Copper Colored Hangers - Now offering the SnapnStrut pipe hangers in copper colored nylon or PP.   Contact us for pricing or samples.


What We Do

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Regions & Counties Serviced

  • New York City, Long Island and Hudson Valley
  • Washington D.C.
  • Pennsylvania-Eastern
  • New England
  • New Jersey - North
  • Connecticut and Western Mass.
  • New Jersey - Central and Southern
  • Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh, Western Pa.
  • New York - Upstate
  • Maine, Vermont

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Our CSI Codes

21 05 29 - Hangers and Supports for Fire-Suppression Piping and Equipment
22 05 29 - Hangers and Supports for Plumbing Piping and Equipment
23 05 29 - Hangers and Supports for HVAC Piping and Equipment
26 05 29 - Hangers and Supports for Electrical Systems
40 34 13 - Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Lines
40 34 16 - Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying Lines


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Beloit Plastics LLC
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