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General Information for:
Quantum FSD Inc.

Fresno, California 93722
(844) 776-7826

General Information for:
Quantum FSD Inc.

Fresno, California 93722
(844) 776-7826

  1. Data Communications - Quantum FSD Inc.
  2. Fire Detection Systems - Quantum FSD Inc.
  3. Intrusion Alarm - Quantum FSD Inc.
  4. Cisco Phone - Quantum FSD Inc.
  5. IP Cameras - Quantum FSD Inc.

About Quantum FSD Inc.

Fresno, California 93722

Primary Line of Business: Electrical Contractors

Classifications: General Construction B, Electrical C-10, Electronic Detection-Alarm Company Operator (ACO), Genetec Certification, Cisco Certification, Trango Systems Certification, Bosch Certification, and Mirasys Certification

Quantum FSD Inc has extensive experience in electrical and electronic construction, system networking, general construction, and business finance acumen. With a combination of over 40 years’ experience in those fields, Quantum is ahead of the curve in the market place. There is currently one office in Fresno, California with a plan of opening two more offices internationally, one in Colombia and another in Mexico.

Key Services:

  • Networking- Intelligent mesh networks for maximum speed communication 

  • Intrusion Systems- Installation of commercial, industrial, and residential applications for interior and exterior protection

  • Fire Detection Systems- Multiple Hybrid applications to include fire, intrusion, access control, and IP Camera Integration and stay within required building codes

  • Electronic Entry Access Systems- State-of-the art software allowing individualized access to any secured location 

  • IP Surveillance- Powerful software analytics with the highest day and night resolution for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

  • IP Audio PA Systems – State-of-the art Bosch Presidio integration systems and Genetec integration systems

  • Video-Audio Entertainment Systems- Customized integration of market leading providers such as Onkyo, Yamaha, URC, Proficient, and Klipsch    

  • Long Distance Wireless Communications-  Licensed microwave communications certified application types; structural towers, poles, and building to building

  • Voltage- High, Standard and Low Voltage Automation Controls

Quantum FSD, Inc. has been listed in the Blue Book since 2015.

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