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Easterly Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station

Project Location:
Cleveland, OH
Approx Contract:
Dec 2013


Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

Scope Of Work

The Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station (TDPS) project is one of the largest combined sewer overflow (CSO) pump station projects in the U.S., and is a critical component to addressing CSOs in Cleveland. The project was the second major component scheduled as part of the $3B Easterly CSO Plan Improvements Program.

This project allows the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) to meet critical requirements associated with a possible Consent Decree, resulting in fiscally sound solutions for the community and meeting Board expectations. The TDPS will provide the means to entirely dewater the storage tunnel system at the end of each wet weather event and pump combined sewage to the Easterly Interceptor for transport to the Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant. In addition, sump pumps remove infiltrated groundwater and on-site generated wastewater, while also serving as emergency pumps during catastrophic flooding.

The pump station was 230-feet underground, 22 feet below the Euclid Creek Tunnel and Dugway Storage Tunnel CSO tunnel storage system invert (cavern), and was approximately 185 feet long by 45 feet wide by 60 feet high. The main shaft is approximately 45 feet in diameter and contains an elevator, main stairwell, and equipment removal shaft. An auxiliary shaft, approximately 40 feet in diameter houses the auxiliary stairwell, pump discharge piping, and HVAC ductwork. The majority of the pumping equipment was located in the cavern.

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