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Pacific Underwater Construction has been official since march of 2001. with over 36 years experience in a vast array of underwater construction projects

We bring to the Pacific Northwest much needed technology and experience. we are certified asndt inspectors with complete underwater & topside ultrasonic & magnetic particle testing capabilities along with video & digital still photography.

We are certified surface supplied hardhat divers bringing with that the capabilities of hard wire communications and the video taping of every dive. you see what the diver sees.

Underwater construction being main stream for us and with our hydraulic capabilities we are able to utilize every power tool imaginable underwater.

We are presently equipped with our completely mobile dive spread (truck and chamber are designed to be picked with a crane) to perform repetitive/long term construction and inspection work to depths of up to 1000' of sea water.

Our self propelled barge, the Delilah with its four point mooring system, three-5 ton wenches and 100,000 lbs deck capacity, the only one of its kind in the south pacific, is capable of keeping itself strategically located directly over work sites for jobs in as shallow as two feet of water.
Our hyperbaric chamber alone not only being required for deep water construction and inspection work, may also be used for the medical treatment of burn and diabetes victims.

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Founded In: 2000
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