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Article: Multifamily Housing

Tiffany Barnes August 2017

Ever wonder what makes up certain requirements for Multifamily Buildings.  According to the Census Bureau these features are required in all multifamily buildings:      
?    Air Conditioning
?    Floors
?    Framing 
?    Heating Method & Heat Pump
?    Laundry – on site or each unit
?    Parking
These are just to name a few.  Each Multifamily Building has to pass requirements not only through the state, but the county departments as well before they can build.  They have to apply and receive the required building permits and surveys for land they are building on.  

For example, if the county requires that 6 buildings must contain a 2 car garage, they must apply that to their initial building plans to ensure it is in the property’s final construction.  Or if they require the use of City Water and not Well Water, these features need to be added to the cost of the property before they can build.  They will not only have to ensure that these features & amenities are met, but each state requirement as well. 

Multifamily housing is important for many different types of agencies.  Multifamily is referring to a housing development designed to house several different families in separate units.  Apartment Complexes, Duplexes, Quadraplexes, Townhomes, Condos are all great examples of multifamily housing.  

“The Fair Housing Act requires all "covered multifamily dwellings" designed and constructed for first occupancy after March 13, 1991 to be accessible to and usable by people with disabilities. Covered multifamily dwellings are all dwelling units in buildings containing four or more units with one or more elevators, and all ground floor units in buildings containing four or more units, without an elevator. Federal regulations adopted by the Department of Housing and Urban Development at 24 CFR 100.201 define covered multi-family dwellings.” (

The needs for multifamily housing is not going to stop growing. Not everyone wants to buy a house or live in a house when they are single or even just starting a family.  Sometimes, it is cheaper for single male or females to rent an apartment versus buying a house and maintaining the upkeep. College Students for example would not want to buy a house, they are in school for 4-8 years only and then you never know where they might end up.  Multifamily housing is needed and very important.

Multifamily housing may not be the first thing you think of when moving into an apartment complex, and that is alright, however, you are living in a multifamily housing development when you live in an apartment, condo, townhouse, duplex, triplex or quadraplex. 

Fair Housing.