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General Information for:
Elite Sports Builders, LLC

Phoenix, Arizona
(800) 916-7126

General Information for:
Elite Sports Builders, LLC

Phoenix, Arizona
(800) 916-7126

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About Elite Sports Builders, LLC

Phoenix, Arizona

Performance Beyond the Surface
Elite Sports Builders has been providing the highest quality sports construction and surfacing across the south since 1994. We construction services of sports facilities including design/build and turnkey construction and renovation.


The Southwest provides for vast opportunities for outdoor sports and recreation. It also creates various challenges to quality construction and maintenance of sports facilities. Elite Sports Builders has been successfully building high quality tennis courts, pickleball courts, basketball courts and multi-purpose courts since inception in the challenging environment of the Southwest.

Elite Sports Builders is unique in that we specialize in design/build, turnkey construction, reconstruction and surfacing of any & all sport courts. This offers clients the ease of only hiring Elite to do the work. We can design or redesign your facility, assemble the project team, manage the project and construct the entire project, providing a higher quality of service at a reasonable price. We've got you covered!

The Sports staff of knowledgeable professionals has provided award-winning turnkey construction and surfacing systems at major USTA Tournament sites, five-star resorts, clubs and educational facilities throughout the Southwest. Our staff receives ongoing training which allows us to be certified installers for multiple world-class systems such as the ITF Rated California Products PlexiPave® Surfacing System and Stockmeier Surfacing System.

Running Tracks

When building, renovating or surfacing running and walking tracks at an educational or training facility, facility owners seek a single source to provide high quality results at a reasonable price. Elite Sports Builders specializes in performing complete construction of running tracks, including quality site grading and preparation, geo-textile fabric installation, aggregate base course installation, high tolerance curb and flatwork, high tolerance asphalt paving and a variety of exceptional surfacing systems to meet and exceed your expectations. Our expertly trained staff with state-of-the-art equipment and world-class surfacing systems provide you with superior quality construction and service.

Our equipment is state-of-the-art, from laser controlled motor graders to sonar controlled paving machines to computerized mixing stations, Elite has the right equipment for the job. Superior equipment and technology allows Elite Sports to stay ahead of the competition by facilitating higher quality installations and better productivity.

Our surfacing systems are of the highest quality and reputation, including Stockmeier® Polyurethane Surfacing product line and Plexitrac® Latex Surfacing System for running tracks. Stockmeier® Surfacing Systems for running tracks are one of the few IAAF Certified Product Lines and has been installed at facilities throughout the world. Each product line offers a variety of surfacing systems that are uniquely designed to fit your performance requirements in an array of thicknesses and colors.

Elite Sports Builders offers over two decades of experience and satisfied, loyal customers. We produce the very best in new construction, renovations, resurfacing, repairs and maintenance of any sports facility both large and small. That truly is, "Performance Beyond the Surface!"

Artificial Turf

Artificial turf has been a greatly expanding industry for the last 10 years in many parts of the country. The Southwest is experiencing this same transformation from natural turf to artificial turf. The drive for this is the need for water conservation, the need to be environmentally friendly in both the design and maintenance of sports facilities and the heightened expectation of playability and use of sports fields today.

Elite Sports Builders is at the forefront of this industry with multiple fields installed and in use today. We offer only the finest artificial turf systems available in the marketplace with the nations most experienced installation crews.

Elite Sports Builders is very unique in this industry in that we are a certified sub base and infrastructure installer for many of the major artificial turf manufacturers in the nation. We specialize in design/build projects and design teams on world-class quality facilities. Elite Sports Builders has become the expert in the Southwest when it comes to constructing sports stadium infrastructures from the dirt to the finished surface with outstanding results and superior customer satisfaction. We provide the following services: knowledgeable and experienced project management, earthwork and grading, concrete curb and flat work, impermeable liners and drainage fabrics, drainage bases and systems, aggregate base courses, high tolerance asphalt paving, high quality surfacing system and equipment installations. Combining our highly trained staff, state-of-the-art equipment and high quality products to produce this work in-house gives us the ability to produce high quality products at very competitive prices.

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