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Industrial Maintenance
Industrial Maintenance fabricated specialty wear parts Photo 1
Manufacturing Plant
Manufacturing Plant 40 ton De-scaling hood fabrication Photo 1
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Industrial Maintenance
Industrial Maintenance fabrication of specialty wear plates Photo 1
Manufacturing Plant
Manufacturing Plant fabrication of 40 ton de-scaling hood
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Founded In: 1972
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Family owned and operated, Brown Equipment & Machine Co. has been serving the mining, power, and steel industries with excellence for over 39 years.  With a vision of providing the coal industry with superior service and quality products, John “Bill” Brown III and his father opened BEM’s doors in the spring of 1972, and has evolved into a leader in rebuild, repair and custom fabrication.

Located on Route 19 just north of Morgantown, WV, Brown operates a 50,000 square foot facility with endless capabilities.  We invite you to tour our operations and see first-hand the state of the art technologies and precision workmanship that go into each and every order we process.

BEM is dedicated to providing a quality product that is dependable.  We are devoted to surpassing expectations and upholding the responsibility and trust that you place in us.  It is the personnel at Brown that make our operation a success.  They take pride in the industries that we support, keeping quality the focus of their work.
?Today, BEM is poised for the future under the leadership of third generation President, Jay Brown with plans to expand the sales base and provide innovative manufacturing capabilities.

Although mining is our specialty, we offer a broad range of services including general machine work, steel fabrication, and welding.  Our team will take the time to consult with you in order to manufacture the product to your specifications.  We strive to uphold the ideal, “Quality, not Quantity” and assure you that we will never trade loyalty for volume.  We are willing to process the smallest of orders to long term contract work. 

Our wide range of manufacturing capabilities, along with our history of service, makes us fully qualified to meet your needs.  The knowledgeable and well-trained staff employed at BEM is dedicated to serving you.

We provide exceptional customer service with guaranteed results.

As a customer of BEM, be assured that our extensive knowledge of the industry makes us the ideal place to serve all of your fabrication and machining needs.

Conveniently located with easy access to I-79 in Morgantown, WV, our extensive facilities are designed to suit all of your needs.  We offer 24-hour emergency service capabilities for unforeseen circumstances that may arise.

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The Newest Equipment Addition to BEM

BEM is proud to announce the arrival of our newest machine, a Flow Mach 2C waterjet machine.There is a reason that waterjet machining has rapidly grown in popularity since the mid-1990's. Actually there are a number of reasons, but they mostly come down to "versatility." Waterjet cutting is a process that produces shapes by cutting sheet material using a thin, high pressure stream of water.The water jet typically runs at a pressure of around 60,000 psi.For harder materials, this water is mixed with a garnet abrasive. Waterjet cutting is an economical way to cut 2D shapes in a very wide range of materials with no tooling costs.This process provides a good edge quality with no burrs and typically eliminates the need for a secondary finishing process.Because the machine uses water, no heat is generated and distortion is no longer a factor.

The water jet machine can cut be used to cut almost any material, hard or soft. For example, it can be used to cut anything from granite and Inconel steel to paper exhaust gaskets and birthday cakes.The water jet can cut intricate shapes with high accuracy and very low tolerances.The capabilities of BEM’s new machine include cutting sizes up to 144” in length and 72” in width. Parts can be cut from materials ranging anywhere from .001” to 6” thick.

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Theme Park
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