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La Mer Condominium Restoration

Project Location:
Hallandale Beach, FL
Approx Contract:


La Mer Condominium Association Inc.
Willcott Engineering, Inc

Scope Of Work


The common area garage of the La Mer Condominium is constructed with conventionally reinforced concrete columns, beams, precast joists, walls, and slabs. There were areas of concrete deterioration evident in the common area garage structural elements, including columns, walls, beams, joists, ceilings, and full depth slabs. The pool plaza, which is surfaced with precast pavers set in a sand bed, was also in need of selectively repair on deteriorated concrete to restore the structural integrity of the pool structural elements, including joists, beams, basin walls, floor and overhead from beneath the basin.

Partial and full depth concrete and reinforcing steel restoration of the common
area garage structures including columns, beams, precast joists, walls, and ceiling
Selective repairs to Carlyle Hot-Applied waterproofing system and full depth
structural slab repairs under plaza levels
Surface preparation, application of primer/sealer, and acrylic paint to common area
garage and pool structure surfaces including columns, walls, joists, beams, and
Extensive repair to the seawall, including shoring, shotcrete placement, and
installation of Cortec corrosion inhibiter
Construction of a wood framed separation wall sheathed with reinforced
polyethylene, including two pass through door openings