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Arundel Forest 8

Project Location:
Anne Arundel County, MD


Toll Brothers

Scope Of Work

The Arundel Forest development started in 2013 and consists of 8 total phases which SEH has performed the site work in each of those phases.  The final phase is projected to start in April 2018 and finish in the summer 2018 and will complete the Arundel Forest Development.

Project Facts:

+ Project consists of 7,000 cy of topsoil stripping.

+ 13,200 cy of onsite cut to fill.

+ 8,300 cy of export.

+ Approximately 1,500 lf of sanitary sewer and 11 manholes.

+ Approximately 1,600 lf of storm drain.

+ Approximately 2,000 lf of new water main.

+ Over 4,000 lf of curb and gutter.

+ Approximately 7,000 sy of asphalt paving.

+ Approximately 200 lf of stream diversion.

+ Complete installation of precast conspan (28′ wide x 7′ tall).


234 lots

Total of 65 Acres

225,000 CY of Earthwork

Approximately 20,000 LF of sanitary pipe installed

Approximately 12,500 LF of water main installed

Approximately 6100 LF of Storm Drain installed

Approximately 36,000 SY of Asphalt paving

80 micro bio-retention facilities installed


Clearing & Grubbing

Erosion & Sediment Control

Installation of Con Span Bridge

Underground Wet Utilities

Mass Excavation/Grading

Export Of Excess Dirt

Curb & Gutter

Asphalt Paving

Soil Modification

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