Featured Project

Denver MINT

Project Location:
Denver, CO

Scope Of Work

Several new openings through existing vault walls, some to accommodate larger vaults, some for a new "tour passageways". If you take a tour of the Denver Mint, you will walk through an opening created by Russ T. Diamonds, Inc.

For obvious reasons, the Denver Mint was constructed to make it difficult for someone to access the vaults, the thick concrete walls are very heavily reinforced with steel.

The project required background cleared employees who were capable of completing the difficult cutting. The project also required reliable and powerful equipment that could withstand the punishment that those walls dished out. The project was smooth, and as is typical, Russ T. Diamonds, Inc. was met with disbelief towards how efficiently they took apart vaults that were supposed to be very difficult to access. We said it was not a problem, we proved it was not a problem.

This is one more project that proves diamonds are not just a girls best friend, they are also a concrete cutter's best friend. 


Project Images