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Precise Fleet Tracking Solutions serves business leaders of companies with a fleet of commercial vehicles. Our service assists the companies in managing expenses including fuel, insurance and repairs as well as driver safety, identifying driver location for dispatching purposes, monitoring maintenance schedules and managing driver behavior. The technology installed includes basic tracking devices and/or up to 8 video cameras to capture everything going on in and around the vehicle. Our tracking solutions have helped many companies extend the life of their vehicles requiring less frequent repairs and replacement of the vehicles. Best of all, the solutions we provide are delivered to our clients without any contractual commitment. That's right, No Contracts! We earn the loyalty of our clients each and every month, the old fashion way...through hard, honest work each and every month.

What do we track?
? Vehicles
o Cars
o Vans
o Pick-ups
o Box Trucks
o Dump Trucks
o Tow Trucks
o Buses
? Interstate Delivery Trucks requiring Electronic Logging
? Powered Equipment/Trailers
o Bobcats
o Skid Steers
o Front-end Loaders
o Generators
? Non Powered Assets
o Dumptsters
o Bee Hives
o Port-A-Potties
Benefits to Business Leaders –
? Business Leaders now know the following about their employees and their vehicles –
o Where they are throughout the day
o Is Proof of Service important?
o How are your vehicles being driven
o Do your drivers support your company policy when driving your vehicles?
? Do they wear their seatbelts?
? Do they refrain from texting and driving?
? Are they carrying extra passengers?
? Are they falling asleep while driving?
? Answering these questions can dramatically lower your insurance premiums

Let’s connect so we can discuss these topics and calculate how we can help you maximize the investment in these vehicles. We provide the data to help you make Intelligent Business Decisions!   Contact us today 847-942-3086  Connect with us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaeldrelicharz/

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