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Specializing in Custom Finished Decorative Concrete Systems,


Concrete Engraving, Epoxy Systems, Overlays, Concrete Color-Changing, Staining, Acid Stains, Concrete Sealing, Paver Sealing


We are Decorative Coatings LLC a Family Owner & Operated Decorative Coatings Business and “Making Concrete Beautiful” is what we do. We Serve Lee & Collier County 


We don't have a Brick & Mortar Store Front that is Huge Expense that we would have to pass on to you the Clients in the end. Thus we are a Completely Mobile Company. What we do instead I personally come out and for your Free Design Evaluation & Proposal.


I have Sample Boards which have Different Patterns & Designs & along with Pictures and of Course my Book of Ideas. We use all of these in the Design Process to be able to get an Idea of What "YOU the CLIENT" have pictured in Your Mind, Then it Our Job to take that Idea and transfer it to Your Concrete. I have over 14 years experience in the Decorative Coatings Industry. . We Pride Ourselves in our “OLD SCHOOL Values” that My Parents taught me at a young age. Always treat people how I want to be treated, be respectful, be honest, and most importantly Take Pride & Ownership of Everything I DO. This today seems to be a rare attribute….  Being raised with having 2 parent’s in law enforcement in the 70’s-80. Back then it didn’t seem odd to have a gator tied up in my front yard with DAD a Sergeant @ the Florida Game & Wildlife Commission & Our MOM “MISS LIZZ” was Breaking Barriers & Shattering Glass Ceilings with the Sheriff’s Department. My siblings and I were brought up around with a group of the most Finest Law Enforcement Officer’s  to EVER put on a Badge( many hopefully will know this is for them also) and that is and was such a Blessing in Disguise, but at the time of course being young, we never understood it, all the “Life Lesson’s” the Understanding of what it meant for our parents to put on those uniforms,  that I would only understand when I became a man…                       I Still remember Mom working at Collier County Sheriff’s Office Full Time 11pm-7am then going to Dunkin Doughnuts on US41  & then going to clean houses all before she came home to finally sleep, to be able keep us housed, clothed and fed. It wasn’t easy, but Mom made sure we were raised with Respect, Dignity, and Honesty & Fulfillment. It showed it everything she did : from being the 1st Female Sergeant, 1st Female Lieutenant, 1st Women to Run the Immokalee Stockade Prison…To Retiring after 24 Years on DUTY! “God Rest her Soul”                                                                                                                                                           We were taught when you gave your word, you stuck to it! If you said you would be there and get the job done, then that’s just what you better do… Today it seems to many have forgotten that.


 We Haven’t! We Pride Ourselves on our “OLD SCHOOL Values My 1st real job was “Throwing Cinder Blocks and slinging mud 2 scaffold high standing on wheelbarrow so I could make it all way to the mud boards“ on a Block Crew with My DAD @ age of about 11 maybe 12 years old!! Back then it was hardcore construction with crew full of grown men,  so between my parents and those they surrounded us with, It was the epitome of  work ethics, respectfulness, and most importantly love & compassion.


So fast forward to around 2006 I opened an epoxy floor business where I cut my teeth on epoxy garage systems and restaurant kitchens and over the years since, I have attended numerous training classes from General Polymers/Sherwin Williams Marine & Protective Coatings Division, seminars on concrete staining, EngraveACrete training. To now we have evolved to Include 


Overlay & Spray Deck Systems


 For Pool Decks, Sidewalks and Driveways. 


The Very New Metallic Epoxy Systems, Concrete Engraving, 


Staining & Color-Changing, Re-Colors, 


Paver Pressure Washing & Sealing, Concrete Grinding & Coatings Removal


All of our installs are Completely Custom with You the Client Helping with the Design process, next We then take the image and then it is Our Jobs to Create a Floor that matches that Image. 


Let our knowledgeable staff can guide you through the maze of options when it comes to coatings systems in general. There are many different systems that are similar with things substituted or added or changed and you will have a totally different look. Next “OUR JOB” is to take the Image and Transfer it to the Concrete!!! 


Next is the Real Difference between 


Decorative Coatings LLC and OUR Competitors & it are very Simple!!


After getting the Design Concept most companies send out a crew that is going of a card, an invoice, picture or work order that will have colors, pattern etc..And then they proceed to do the install. At the end "they will say here ya go, Do ya Like it????"  Most crews want to get in & out as soon as possible with as little interaction with the Client as possible! 


Unlike most companies when the Salesman or owner come out to give you their quote, it is very possible that will be the last time you EVER SEE that person again and ALL TO OFTEN you might get the owner to call you after your project Is completed "MAYBE"


That is NOT how We Operate @ Decorative Coatings LLC


I am the LEAD INSTALLER along with my apprentice we DO ALL THE WORK OURSELVES!! 


With that Said


I want you INVOLVED during the Whole INSTALLATION Process! 


We want "YOUR INPUT" We want You to Understand the Installation process & then each step we Confirm and Double CONFIRM Colors, Pattern, etc...


The Reason we do this is because it Accomplishes several things. If I have you involved during process I know for Fact The End Results Aesthetically,  I will be as close to humanly possible to the image we came up with at the beginning,  next reason is how can I the installer give you want you want , if I don't have you involved??


Finally it makes our job easier in the long run


 I Know I will Not only get the job completed correctly, and more efficient  but I know in advance that I have done everything Possible to ensure the Floor is as you Pictured it with correct textures, colors & not only that but Most Clients like to be involved I have found.


I want the Client to have last Approval Before the Next Step, Every Step to Ensure "We Make Your Concrete Beautiful" YOUR WAY!!




 Our services include: Residential & Commercial Jobs big and small


Concrete Resurfacing, Concrete Overlays & Spray Deck Systems for Pool Decks, Driveways & Sidewalks, Concrete


 Stencil Pattern Spray Systems


Concrete Engraving (Think of Tattooing ANY Concrete Surface) 


Engraved LOGO'S, Corporate Logo's, Sport teams, PICTURES in General( Yes I said Pictures, I can take picture get template made and then Engrave it into Concrete and Color it with Stains


Acid Staining, Water Reducible Stains,


The New Metallic Epoxy Systems


 Epoxy Flake Systems for garages, Ceramic Carpet/Colored Quartz systems, Concrete Coloring & Re-Coloring, Paver Sealing, Custom Designs. 


Call Me Directly @ 239-601-6260 and schedule your appointment to have "ME" our Designer to come out and show you just how “We Make Concrete Beautiful”

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