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Progressive Tree Service is an ISA certified arborist serving commercial and municipal clients in the greater Chicago area.

We provide complete tree care & management services to commercial and municipal clients. Our services include general tree care, tree trimming, cabling, hazard assessment, storm damage tree removal, fertilization, disease and pest prevention and tree planting. We also provide a full range of consulting and maintenance services for property owners and managers seeking to maintain the health and appearance of trees on their commercial properties.

Commercial Tree Care

Whether you manage a small business location, a municipal location or a large HOA (Home Owners Association), we have the resources and training to keep your trees healthy, allowing you to achieve your safety and estethical goals, such as increasing your property's curb appeal. By working with us, we will provide you with a variety of arborist services such as tree care, tree removal, tree pruning, arborist consultations, and more. 

Trees increase property value and caring for them regularly is an investment. We solve issues such as over planting, tree diseases, preventing or mitigating tree root damage, overgrowth, power lines going through the foliage, making plans to solve privacy issues, view obstruction or sunlight blockage caused by trees.

Tree Risk Assessment

Tree risk assessment is a detailed process used to determine whether trees on a given property pose a risk to people or the property itself. It's also used to determine how to best mitigate these risks and reduce them to acceptable levels. A commercial tree risk assessment is usually performed by a certified arborist. These assessments typically include a review of historical records in the area (e.g., past incidents, storm damage reports, insurance claims, etc.), an on-site multi-point inspection, and a review of how the property is being used now (e.g., new structures, changes in operational procedures, layout, distance between structures and trees, etc.).

A professional tree inspection can uncover hidden damage to the tree's structure that is not visible to the untrained eye.

Storm Damage & Emergency Tree Service 

When a tree grows too close to a power line or residential property it can be a danger and potential liability, especially if there is a storm or there are strong winds.

Progressive Tree Service has a fleet of trucks spread out throughout the region, ready to go on a moments notice. Available 24/7, our rapid response emergency tree service can go out to your municipal or commercial property quickly and also work with local authorities to safely remove fallen trees, broken tree limbs or prevent leaning trees from falling down. We can assess tree damage to your property, if any and put together a plan how to prevent further damage with a primary focus on safety.

Tree Disease Management

Tree diseases are a serious problem that can hurt the health of the tree, kill branches or even kill the entire tree. Some major tree diseases and pestes include Dutch elm disease, oak wilt, chestnut blight, canker, anthracnose, leaf spot and Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). These diseases are spread from tree to tree by wind, insects, fungi, animals, infected tools or by humans. 

Sick trees should be dealt with as soon as they are discovered in order to try to prevent tree removal and to keep your property and the people on it safe.

Tree Planting

Planting trees on your property is a great way to increase its value and curb appeal. While many species of trees are beautiful and resistant to disease, others are susceptible to insects and can have a negative impact on your property and finances. Knowing which are which can help you make an informed decision when choosing what type of tree to plant.

About Progressive Tree Service

We are a top rated family owned tree service company with multiple locations in the Chicago area. Our commercial tree services are some of the best in the tree care industry and are powered by many years of experienced and access to a wide-range of specialty equipment.

We regularly work with commercial and municipal clients, such as Home Owners Associations, parks, local gardens and arboretums, to name just a few. We can provide project examples and references.

Progressive Tree Service

Serving Evanston, Sleepy Hollow, Northside Chicago and the suburbs surrounding these areas.

(847) 530-1533

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