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Private Residential Project

Project Location:
Burton Twp, OH
Jul 2018


Private Residential Client
General Contractor:
Geauga County Excavating, Inc

Scope Of Work

- Local resident reached out and requested a quote to come up with a drainage solution to a wet garage wall, and also provide relief for downspout drains

- The elevations worked out just right, as the garage footing was just high enough to allow us to install a drain tile from the rear all the way around to the existing catch basin in the driveway

- All the drainage was installed with a laser for accuracy as there wasn't much room to play with

- The pipe was perforated, and installed in stone to allow drainage from the surrounding soils to get in also

- The back yard and disturbed areas were final graded and seeded on our way out

- New asphalt driveway was by others and done just days after we were finished with our work

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