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We handle a wide range of projects, including additions and new green homes, but still specialize in higher end interior renovations, such as kitchensbathrooms, and basements, as well as specialized items, i.e. custom built-ins, bars, wine cellars and furniture.

What makes us different, and why should you choose to work with us? All of our new building & renovation projects requires a well-thought design approach for each unique situation. We pride ourselves in being able to supply you with award-winning design services; we're a small, very creative and innovative team, consisting of designers, draftsmans and licensed engineers. Our architectural designs are drawn with CAD (Computer Assisted Design), which means you can visualize the entire project taking life in 3D coming to life before your eyes, in your own home.

But enough about us! Will we be a good match? Our unique detailed proposal consist of hundreds of line items, spread over a few dozen pages. Each line describes the scope of work, brand name, model, quantity and a price for that single item. Say goodbye to confusion, challenges and arguments often associated with the construction process! You'll know exactly where every single dollar is going. You'll know how many lights, switches, outlets, etc. This approach greatly facilitates the upgrades that will inevitably occur during construction. Yes, no matter how well planned your project is, change orders will unavoidably happen, fortunately greatly improving your project.

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