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Today’s custom home buyer and home improvement customer are more demanding.  National surveys and our own customer reviews have demonstrated this same truth.  The commitments of the Accessible Home Builder staff to quality materials and workmanship, functional and attractive design and a creative and congenial working relationship are what many home buyers and owners are looking for before they buy and are most happy with after their home or home project are complete.

Quality is a factor of appearance and performance.  Do the doors open by themselves? Are the drywall angles wavy? Is your recessed light “almost” where you wanted it? Accessible Home Builders’ reputation for quality is built on taking the measuring tape, the level and the plans out of the truck and checking to make sure that the work completed is accurate and meets our high standards.  By doing this the doors stay closed, the drywall compliments wall treatments and furniture placement and your recessed light sheds light on your counter top the way it should.

In new homes we have a long standing commitment to saving you money by lowering your energy consumption.  We were one of the first in Delaware to see the money saving and mold prevention benefits of the sealed and conditioned crawl space back in 2003.  We were an early adopter of R-23 BIBs wall insulation due to its higher R value and more effective installation around pipes and wires.  Our commitment to energy saving is that it must pay for itself.  It doesn’t make sense to us to pay for an energy saving feature that costs more than it saves.  That’s just how we feel.  And if an energy saving feature saves money and is a quality upgrade we will implement it quickly.  That’s a double benefit.

So read our customer reviews, visit our model home, view pictures of our work, talk with our staff, get a quote and see why over 300 families have chosen Accessible Home Builders as their new home and home improvement contractor.

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