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Size: 1-4 Employees
Annual Vol: $3 million - $6 million

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Our main lines of business include:Material placement with All-terrain material placers and Off-road shooter trucks.  Also all phases of utility work, excavation,  demolition,road construction, civil concrete work, residential concrete work (excluding foundations) and more....


Our off road material placer services and state of the art  on road material placers help you save time and money... . follow us on instagram for all our cool videos of the all terrain placer and our on road material placers: adccllc on instagram.


A&D custom concrete LLC has been in business since 1999  and has thrived ever since. In the last 10 years we saw the need to explore excavation and utilities in conjunction with concrete work and we have flourished due to our constant need to communicate with our customers and provide the very best services we can offer and  to provide the very best customer service and attention to detail as possible. We have customers that have been using us since we started and they never looked back. We take pride in our quality equipment and trucks that are always clean and well maintained to keep the professionalism at the highest tier possible. In addition to our concrete, excavation, and utility work, we have now added an all terrain material slinger to our already diverse portfolio.  We can sling our own materials up to 125 feet across a job site for backfill or pipe bedding or just simply fine grading. Our material slinger is all wheel drive with crab steer and has a 10 yard hopper capacity. Depending on material it will shoot a full 12 yard load in less than 10 minutes. Our slinger has greatly reduced our on the job requirements with multiple machines for back filling by 50 percent. The all terrain material slinger seems to find itself on every one of our job sites in some way and we are confident that all of our future customers will benefit from it as well.  If your job requires off road material placement or any type of on road material placement , just shoot us a call and we can have a look at it and get you scheduled with 1 0f our 4 material placers. 

A&D Custom Concrete is also a licensed Seattle Side Sewer contractor performing city road panel and sidewalk restoration in conjunction with our utility work. We also perform mainline extensions in Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Edmonds, and various other cities. 

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