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Save-A-Lot All Electrical Build-Up

Project Location:
Butler, PA
Approx Contract:
Jan 2019


General Contractor:
R. E. Crawford Construction
Jeff Smith - President (941) 907-0010
R. E. Crawford Construction

Scope Of Work

The scope of the project was a total build-up of the Grocery Store that included provision and installation of all the Switch gears for power,  provision and installation of all the light fixtures, conduits for electrical, low voltage, installation of the switch gears for the refrigeration and conduit, installation of the power poles for the registers, provision and installation of the transformers for the both general power and refrigeration, connecting and powering up all refrigerators and coolers, The challenge we faced was the change in gears configuration which pushed the project schedule even further and then the revision and addition of extra gears for the refrigeration.. Also the fact that it was our first time to work on the refrigeration and coolers, it was a daunting learning curve that we eventually overcame successfully and on time and was a turn-key operation.

The unique solutions we provided to our client was on the mess that was created as a result of the change in the gear configuration. When the Engineers could not come up with a solution on time, we had already figured out the solution within an hour and we provided that solution to them which they later incorporated in the revisions to the drawing. By the time the drawings came to us we had already reconfigured the gear systems. Both the client and the Owner were happy with our value engineering that we provided and helped them reduce the cost of the project.

We are glad that we were awarded that project and we learnt a lot too in the process of that implementation. The entire electrical construction was a success and passed all the electrical inspections.

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