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Dallman Bohl General Contractors (DBGC, Inc.) is first and foremost a belief that a for profit construction company has an obligation to deliver on the all too common promise of excellence. As lifelong athletes, partners Billy Bohl and John Dallman know that showing up on game day with high hopes and good intentions does little to assure success at the finish line. 

What differentiates us and our desire to win is the hard fought day-to-day preparation that we know is necessary to stay in the game. Assembling a great team with above average skills, providing leadership for that team that consistently lets it be known that we have an obligation to do the best that we can, and outfitting that team with the tools and office support necessary to carry out complex tasks – these are the essence of our business plan.

John Dallman met Billy Bohl in 1984 when Billy answered John’s call for additional help to meet the challenges of a project that grew in size and scope. Two years and a number of jobs later, over a beer in a dive bar, the two of them formalized their partnership and committed to building not only houses but a company that would allow them to set a high bar for themselves and others. To this day they remain committed to the solid work that it takes to attempt to leap over that bar.

The business was incorporated in 1987 and with a change in name, became DBGC, Inc. in 2001.

DBGC, Inc. is a fraternity of carpenters, supervisors, office personnel, subcontractors, and material suppliers united to serve the needs of our clients

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