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Bank Park Midway Bank
Library Saint Anthony Park Branch Library
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Who provides leadership for the team on a daily basis? A Construction Manager must provide leadership daily…on-site and face-to-face. Strong leadership always interprets into a strong sense of shared ownership by all.  It begins with high expectations from team members…during concept, design and construction on-site, on-time…every day.  Daily reviews and bi-weekly meetings drive the need-to-know issues and changes that impact each member’s part of the project.  This is important to their costs and time lines as well as the owners. The entire team… architects, engineers, contractors, owners and task force members, must depend on leadership, to keep them aware of daily threats and opportunities. A team that believes the quality, progress and vision of their project is on track, and moving beyond expectations, become believers, stewards and owners of the project.

Who looks out for your interests? The literal definition of a Construction Manager is, “One who works for and concerns himself with the best interests of the owner”…even prior to a building concept being fully developed. Construction, today, is a game played by specialists.  Advancing technology is having a huge impact on our building industry: the way we communicate, the way we buy…even the way we design and build.  Keeping up with technology results in a higher quality project…on time, on budget and exceeding expectations.

Who searches out opportunities and insures quality? The Construction Manager insures the quality of the project, however, he knows, thru knowledge, experience, and wisdom, that opportunities are uncovered daily by team members who are committed to building a shared vision.  A unique Construction Manager is one who is also an engineer, who brings additional knowledge and experience to your project way before construction begins.

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