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Office Building 2929 Carlson Drive LLC
Office Building
Office Building 2929 Carlson Drive LLC
Office Building
Office Building 2929 Carlson Drive LLC
Office Building
Office Building 2929 Carlson Drive LLC
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Forestry Services
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Founded In: 2006
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Cowboys Excavating was established in 2007 and we have been going strong since then. We believe in diversity and love the projects that are off the wall and difficult. In 2008 we became affiliated with the Local 150 Operators Union. Our operations our 60% commercial, 20% residential, and 20% farm. In the beginning of 2016 we started a forestry division which has opened up a whole new avenue of work. At the end of 2016 we invested in 2 barges and started doing marine dredging and marine construction. We moved our base operation to Wolcott IN in 2018. Don’t let our location fool you we work all over the state of Indiana and Illinois including all of Chicagoland. We like to stay busy and keep our customers happy. To us establishing a long term business relationship very important. We strive to keep our prices low and are known for our speed and accuracy. Our end goal is always perfection.

The Owner: Josh Goddard was born in the mountains of PA, and moved to Valparaiso IN at the start of high school. After high school attended Purdue University for business management after completion there attended Ivy Tech for Welding Certification. Josh and his Dad farm together in Mason Ill. If you ever talk to Josh you will realize quickly that Farming is Josh’s Passion and Excavating is his hobby but he loves doing both of them. He got his roots running a Cat D7 pushing dirt to his uncle running the dirt pan at the age of 7. He was a plumbing/excavating contractor laborer before he became an operator.

The Future: THE BIG NEWS is we are looking at self propelled FARM tile plows. We have been getting pushed heavily by local farmers to get into this and we are finally starting to give into the massive investment. We hope to be starting some main projects in Jasper and Lake county this fall/winter.

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