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MC Construction Services, Inc.

Livermore, CA, 94550
(925) 373-7765   

MC Construction Services, Inc. has been in business since 1996. Our main lines of business include: Waterproofing Contractors, Caulking Contractors, Concrete Repair Restoration Contrs., Floor Treatments/Coatings/Preservatives, Restoration Preservation--Historical, Floors--Industrial. We are located… [more]

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Watertight Restoration Inc.

San Francisco, CA, 94124
(415) 984-1940   

Leornard established Watertight Restoration, Inc. in May 1979, primarily as a waterproofing and caulking Company We started epoxy injection just in time to take on all the Loma Prieta repairs. Glass and Carbon Fiber reinforcement work followed as well as High Tech waterproofing manufactured by Stir… [more]

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Authentic Restoration & Waterproofing, Inc.

Hayward, CA, 94545
(510) 732-5400   (650) 341-6932

Authentic Restoration and Waterproofing, Inc. is a general contracting company specializing in the exterior restoration as well as the various waterproofing activities of commercial, industrial, residential and historical buildings. It was founded in April 1993 by Jacob Habache, a civil engineer wi… [more]

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Rainbow Waterproofing & Restoration Co.

San Francisco, CA, 94110
(415) 641-1578   

We are a San Francisco contractor specializing in waterproofing and the masonry restoration of landmark and historically significant buildings. We are an approved restoration contractor by city, state, and federal landmark agencies. In addition to restoration services, we also provide historical st… [more]

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Alpha Restoration & Waterproofing

South San Francisco, CA, 94080
(650) 875-7500   

Alpha Restoration Water proofing has been serivng the San Francisco Bay Area since 1983. Thousands of projects, small and large, have been successfully completed in Northern California ranging from A… [more]

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Everest Waterproofing & Restoration Inc.

San Francisco, CA, 94107
(415) 282-9800   

Everest Waterproofing Restoration, Inc. was founded in 1999 by two veterans of the Bay Area Waterproofing and Restoration Industry. Keith Goldstein President Keith has 32 years experience as a licens… [more]

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Tom Lewis Restoration And Consulting, Inc.

San Francisco, CA, 94103
(415) 734-9030   

The Lewis Restoration team is committed to giving its clients fast, affordable access to the latest technologies in waterproofing, painting, and masonry restoration within an industry that is rapidly… [more]

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De Haro Ramirez Group

San Francisco, CA, 94107
(415) 552-3504   

Founded in 1999, De Haro Ramirez Group is celebrating our 15 year anniversary as a Local San Francis… [more]

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Dynamic Coatings, Inc. (DCI Flooring)

Fresno, CA, 93727
(877) 225-2549   (559) 225-4605

Since 1996 Dynamic Coatings, Incorporated (DCI Flooring) has been providing commercial and industri… [more]

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Bartek International, Inc.

Sunnyvale, CA, 94085
(408) 213-8858   

Our main lines of business include: Roofing Contractors, Waterproofing Contractors. We are located … [more]

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CAWC Waterproofing & Restoration

San Mateo, CA, 94402
(650) 347-1404   (800) 962-9250

Founded in 1971 by Ted Mayer, Sr., CAWC is one of Northern Californias leading waterproofing and re… [more]

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Bressani Construction Engineering Contractors

San Jose, CA, 95125
(408) 224-4126   

Bressani Construction Engineering Contractors has been in business since 1971. Our main lines of bu… [more]

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