Plastic Fabricators & Dealers servicing Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties - 50 Companies Found

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Planet Plexi

Laguna Hills, CA, 92653
(949) 206-1183   

Family owned and operated. We have over 60+ years experience combined, which shows through our workmanship and quality of excellence. We take pride in catering to our clients needs and working dilige… [more]

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Industrial Plastic Supply, Inc.

Anaheim, CA, 92806
(714) 978-3520   

We have been in business since 1975, yes over 43 years! A local Southern California company with Na… [more]

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Port Plastics

San Diego, CA, 92121
(858) 552-0801   

Over 50 years of dedication to customer service, material expertise, improvements in cost effective… [more]

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