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Firestopping Contractors servicing E. Massachusetts, Rhode Island, S. New Hampshire - 9 Companies Found

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Fire Resistant Solutions

Norwell, MA, 02061
(781) 652-9818   

Fire Resistant Solutions specializes in: Cementitious Fire Proofing Specialty Fire Stop Applications Fire Proofing Patchwork Intumescent Collars/Paint/Wrap Strips Fire Stop Training Sessions UL/FM Ap… [more]

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Gleeson Powers, Inc.

Franklin, MA, 02038
(508) 553-0800   

Gleeson Powers is a specialty contractor, offering passive fire protection solutions as well as waterproofing, air barrier, closed cell insulation and caulking services. Gleeson Powers is a FM 4991 A… [more]

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Amherst Insulation & Firestop Service, Inc.

Manchester, NH, 03103
(603) 222-2001   

Amherst Insulation Firestop Service, Inc. specializes in complete firestop systems. We provide inst… [more]

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