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South Dade Electrical Supply

Miami, FL, 33176
(305) 238-7131   

South Dade Electrical Supply, Inc., a wholesale and retail supplier, was founded in 1966. Today, Don C. Elliott is CEO and Treasurer. Ted McClure is General Manager of Operations. Although our buildings and many other local businesses suffered heavy damage during Hurricane Andrew (1992), we were op… [more]

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Future Designs Lighting

Miami, FL, 33142
(305) 871-8774   (800) 326-4256

Future Designs has been in the lighting business for over 25 years, with the experience and the ded… [more]

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Ryzen Lighting Group

Grand Rapids, MI, 49548
(616) 322-4751   

Step 1: Audit Ryzen offers a lighting site assessment to help you understand your options when look… [more]

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Denver Breaker & Supply

Denver, CO, 80239
(800) 544-7375   (303) 431-0518

Denver Breaker was established in 1984 doing business as KR Sales by Ken Robin Bowler as Individual… [more]

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