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Peter J. Caruso & Sons, Inc.

Pittsburgh, PA, 15207
(412) 462-4500   

Bonded and insured, we are a union company, pre-qualified by Penn D.O.T. along with numerous other government agencies and major industrial corporations. Many of our staff members have obtained NECEPT (North East Center for Excellence in Pavement Technology) technical training which ensures our cre… [more]

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Demco Excavation, Inc.

Farmington, PA, 15437
(724) 329-5579   

For over 30 years, Demco Excavating Paving, Inc. has been offering quality excavating services to Farmington, PA and the surrounding areas including Fayette and Greene Counties and northern West Virg… [more]

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Dale & Sons Contracting

Latrobe, PA, 15650
(724) 209-8377   

Our main lines of business include: Excavating Contractors, Paving Contractors, Tree Service, Sweeping, Maint., Snow Removal--Streets. We are located in the Latrobe, Pennsylvania area. [more]

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Highland Asphalt & Sealing Corporation

Pittsburgh, PA, 15215
(412) 487-7000   

Highland Asphalt Sealing has been providing all phases of asphalt and concrete paving to the Western Pennsylvania area since 1976. Highland is also a distributor of SEALMASTER brand sealing products... [more]

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Pro Services Demo & Excavating

Morgantown, WV, 26501
(724) 221-7901   

Our main lines of business include: Excavating Contractors, Demolition Contractors, Concrete Contrs… [more]

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