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Valentine Electric, Inc.

Hagerstown, MD, 21740
(301) 797-8836   

Valentine Electric, Inc. was formed in Hagerstown, Maryland in 1977 by Stan Valentine, a local resident. Since that time, we have grown from a residential company to include all phases of electrical… [more]

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Atlantic Power & Light, Inc.

Middle River, MD, 21220
(443) 231-5309   

Atlantic Power Light, Inc. has been in business since 2007. Our main lines of business include: Electrical Contractors, Cabling Contractors--Computer/Telephone. We are located in the Middle River, Ma… [more]

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Atlantic Industrial, Mechanical & Electrical Inc.

Baltimore, MD, 21226
(410) 355-1869   

Atlantic Industrial, Mechanical and Electrical (AIME) is the regions premier industrial mechanical … [more]

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