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American Spray Fireproofing Industries

Deer Park, NY, 11729
(631) 243-5000   

American Spray Fireproofing is a fully licensed and insured subcontractor, with almost 30 years of experience specializing in: Spray Fireproofing, Intumescent Paint, Acoustical and Thermal Spray on Insulation as well as Spray on Sound Proofing Insulation. We proudly provide exceptional service thro… [more]

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Pro-Tect Inc.

Waterbury, CT, 06705
(203) 756-3522   

Pro-Tect Inc. has been in business since 1987. Our major employees combined have over 110 years of industry experience. Over 1,000,000 bags installed with outstanding test results. Our main lines of … [more]

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Con-Tech Fireproofing

Glen Rock, NJ, 07452
(800) 336-2095   

Con-Tech Painting Contractors has been in business since 1992. Our main lines of business include: All Types of Industrial Painting, Fireproofing Fire Stopping Sandblasting Restoration Spray Foam Ins… [more]

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Baystate F.P. Inc.

Medford, MA, 02155
(781) 391-7487   (617) 605-7253

***Fireproofing of Structural Steel*** Baystate FP, Inc. provides the service, skill and materials … [more]

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National Fireproofing & Insulation Co., Inc.

Garfield, NJ, 07026
(888) 977-8111   

National Fireproofing & Insulation Co., Inc. has been in business since 1989. Our main lines of bus… [more]

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J and P Fireproofing

Waterbury, CT, 06705
(203) 395-0959   (203) 526-4854

JP Fireproofing has been in business for over 25 years in the business of fireproofing. Our Goal is… [more]

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