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Professional Sealants, Inc.
Highland Heights, KY, 41076
(859) 363-7269   
Professional Sealants, Inc. was founded in January of 2000 by young entrepreneur Joseph Redman. Joe began in the caulking / waterproofing business directly out of high school and honed his craft for several years before venturing out on his own in 2000. With 15 years of dedicated experience, Joe ha...[more]
Advanced Caulking LLC
Cincinnati, OH, 45237
(513) 528-4285   
Advanced Caulking began business in 2002. Sherry Malott, the sole owner of Advanced Caulking, LLC, has grown the company into an industry leader and today has expanded their services to included Seal...[more]
Fry's Precision Caulking, LLC
California, KY, 41007
(859) 652-2221   
Frys Precision Caulking has over 18 years experience in commercial construction - Jim Fry began his own business in 2012.[more]
H.K. Phillips Restoration, Inc.
Columbus, OH, 43223
(614) 443-9355   
Heres A Little Bit About Us History runs deep in the buildings throughout Columbus with impressive ...[more]
    Tuck & Seal
    Louisville, OH, 44641
    (330) 704-6071   
    Tuck Seal has been in business since 2006. Our main lines of business include: Caulking Contractors...[more]
      Edifice Restoration Contractors, Inc.
      Columbus, OH, 43213
      (614) 405-7227   (614) 905-7151
      Experience is the foundation of our Company. The restoration and repair of historic and contemporar...[more]

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