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Concrete Repair & Restoration Materials servicing Cleveland - Northeastern Ohio - 61 Companies Found

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Lakewood Supply Company

Cleveland, OH, 44135
(216) 898-1113   (800) 860-2650

The Lakewood Supply Co. has been owned and operated by the Scheuer Family since it's incorporation in 1932. It all began in 1910 when John Scheuer started a builders supply company to service the con… [more]

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The Chas. E. Phipps Company

Cleveland, OH, 44125
(216) 641-2150   (800) 362-9267

The Chas. E. Phipps Company distributes concrete repair materials, sealants, coatings and various b… [more]

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Indy Equipment & Supply

Independence, OH, 44131
(216) 446-3200   

Founded in 1992 by Don DiGeronimo, Indy Equipment has come a long way to become an industry leader... [more]

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Unique Paving Materials Corporation

Cleveland, OH, 44105
(216) 441-4880   (800) 441-4880

You will often hear our competition refer to the UNIQUE(r) industry-leading asphalt and concrete pa… [more]

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