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Epoxy Design Systems, Inc.

Houston, TX, 77224
(713) 461-8733   

Epoxy Design System, Inc. is a specialty trade contractor established in 1977. Our construction field experience combines with up to date technical knowledge and tested materials, provides the needed expertise to repair, preserve, maintain, and protect concrete, steel and wooden structures. Epoxy D… [more]

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CRC Concrete Raising Corporation

Houston, TX, 77075
(713) 991-1777   

CRC is renowned for its ability to produce location specific grouts on-site with little waste, but you may not have known that our process also provides environmental benefits as compared to the alte… [more]

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Tilted Concrete Solutions, Inc.

Richmond, TX, 77407
(281) 667-7930   

Concrete leveling isnt a new concept - youve probably heard it referred to as mudjacking. Here at Tilted Concrete Solutions, we offer a state-of-the-art concrete leveling solution called PolyLevel(r)… [more]

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All the Marbles, Inc.

Houston, TX, 77081
(713) 528-7787   

As the Houston areas largest marble, granite and dimensional stone restoration company, All the Mar… [more]

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Pavement Services Corporation

Houston, TX, 77064
(281) 758-8434   (281) 924-8298

Pavement Services Corporation, serving Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Western Tennessee,… [more]

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Superior Grouting Services, Inc.

Houston, TX, 77064
(281) 894-4175   (866) 888-4003

Specialty Grouting Contractor Superior Grouting Services, Inc. is a Houston based specialty groutin… [more]

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