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Vu360 is a FREE universal digital document viewer that enables easy viewing, takeoff, markup and communication of your construction documents. Vu360 also has a built-in web-browser, making it your window and gateway to ALL your construction information needs.

Here are just some of the features and functions Vu360 offers:

  • Ability to view PDF, TIFF and all HTML Web pages
  • Markup and Takeoffs including Counts, Linear, Square Foot, Volume and much more
  • All quantities can be exported to Excel or XML
  • A Snapshot feature that provides the ability to quickly communicate information through email or PDF
  • Keyword Search allowing you to search the specification book and your own markups
  • Integrated with BPM Select to quickly obtain detailed information on products
  • Integrated with thebluebook.com to quickly obtain information from subcontractors and suppliers
Download Vu360 Now! It's Free – and as easy as 1 - 2- 3! Make sure to read these instructions completely (or print this page) before you begin.

1. DOWNLOAD Vu360 Just click on the “Download Now” button below to get the latest version.

2. INSTALL An alert box will appear, asking if you want to "Run" or "Save" the application. WHEN PROMPTED YOU SHOULD CLICK RUN to successfully install Vu360. If you click SAVE you must RUN the saved executable to complete the install of Vu360.

3. REGISTER After you have successfully downloaded and installed Vu360, you need to launch the application to register. To launch Vu360, click on the START button in the lower left corner of your computer and follow this sequence: Start > Programs > The Blue Book > Vu360 > Vu360 (not 'Vu360 uninstall')
Vu360 will launch and you will be on the "Start Page" tab. Register by simply entering your BB-Bid login fax number or email address. If you do not have a BB-Bid login, you can still register by filling in the complete Registration Form. You must be connected to the Internet to register (once registered, you can use Vu360 offline).

Latest Version!
Vu360 Training Quick Clips:
Opening Documents from BB-Bid Plan Rooms and Other Sources Document Overlay - Locate Addendum Changes
Viewing Documents: Pan, Zoom, Size Page, Rotate, Split Screen Use Snapshot and Create Links
Calibrate Scale (includes Scale Zone) Keyword Search Documents and Use BPM Select
Measure Length, Perimeter and Surface Area Track, Print and Export Markups
Measure Area, Line Segment and Volume Specialty Feature: Roof Pitch
Take Counts: Sequence, Half-Size and Drop Length Specialty Feature: Grid Measurements
Annotations: Sticky Note, Text Box & Highlighter Specialty Feature: Back Out Measurements
Shapes: Cloud, Line, Circle, Rectangle, Polygon, Polyline Specialty Feature: Angle and Freehand


For additional help contact The Blue Book Network Product Support Team, Monday through Friday, 8:45am to 7:00pm (EST) Phone: 888-303-2243 | Email: productsupport@thebluebook.com

Vu360 Help Guide (pdf) Vu360 Sample Documents: Sample Drawing   Sample Specification


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