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Welcome to Project Pipeline, a web-based business system that helps companies in the construction industry easily organize the critical information on the projects and customers they are interested in.

Powered by The Blue Book Building and Construction Network, Project Pipeline was built specifically for the construction industry and provides you with access to an intuitive system that can be quickly and easily customized to meet YOUR company’s specific needs.

Only Project Pipeline has Blue Book ‘Business Intelligence’ built-in so you and your team have the critical information needed to make smarter business decisions.

Project Pipeline is built for anyone looking to streamline and manage their sales process – and win more work!

Contractors! Suppliers! Manufacturers!

From lead to contact management, Project Pipeline will help you automate each critical phase of the sales process:

Project Pipeline Flow
Lead Management

Lead Management

Project Pipeline enables you to improve the Lead Management Process by providing the ability to:

  • Review Leads and Automatically Distribute to Your Team – with Project Pipeline, you can set up filters so that opportunities can be assigned to a particular user in your organization, based on the Project or Bidder’s criteria.
  • Manage Leads from Multiple Sources – Project Pipeline enables you to enter your leads and manage them all in one place. Regardless of whether you receive them through The Blue Book Network or another source – Project Pipeline is your solution for managing them.
  • Suggest and Consolidate Duplicate Project Leads – Project Pipeline gives you the ability to link duplicate Project Leads, even from different bidders or different lead sources, saving you hours of time sorting through and tracking bid information on the same project from multiple sources.
  • Highlight and Target Clients You Have Bid to in the Past – When you use Project Pipeline to manage the clients you are pursuing as opportunities, Project Pipeline will highlight these companies on Bidder's Lists so you don't miss out on opportunities from your best clients.
  • Create Stored Searches to Quickly ID the Most Qualified Leads – Project Pipeline’s functionality enables you to set criteria based on project or bidder information and store those searches so that you can use reuse them to help find the Project Leads that best match your company’s needs.
Proposal Management

Proposal Management

Project Pipeline makes it easy to manage and maximize the value of your proposal by allowing you to:

  • Schedule and Track Delivery of Proposals – with Project Pipeline you can easily set a specific date and time for your proposal to be messaged and you can then track successful delivery.
  • Upload Proposals Created in Other Tools – If you currently use a software package to create proposals, Project Pipeline will enable you to simply upload them and track them within the Project Pipeline workflow.
  • Create “Industry Standard” Proposals – Project Pipeline gives you access to the tools and information you need to create proposals that exceed industry standard proposals.
  • Create or Upload a Catalog of Products and Services – Project Pipeline’s flexibility allows you to create and save catalogs so you can save information for future proposals and track the services you quote.
  • Ensure that Proper Proposals are Sent at the Correct Time – By utilizing Project Pipeline’s Proposal Verification Work Flow you have everything you need to time your proposals just right.
  • Quickly Access Proposals – Because your proposals are related to the project/client, you can quickly and easily access the information you need should questions or issues arise.
Contact Management

Contact Management

With Project Pipeline’s Contact Management features, you’ll have quick and easy access to:

  • A Private Database of “Actionable” Company and Individual Business Contacts – Project pipeline gives you the ability to upload your private contacts and easily maintain and access that information plus import contacts from The Blue Book Network database.
  • Blue Book Network “Business Intelligence” – When applied to your client and contact records, Blue Book business intelligence ensures that your team’s information is complete and current, providing all of you with a competitive advantage.
  • “Search Blue Book” – this feature provides you with the ability to search through over one million companies so you can easily make new connections within your target market.
  • Blue Book “Assist” – a powerful tool that will enable you to quickly apply updates to all your Contact Information from The Blue Book Network's database, complete with “business intelligence” for your client and contact records.
  • Complete Contact Records – Project Pipeline will provide you with a host of information on your clients and contacts, including a history of all the opportunities and the critical details and documentation you have linked to them.
  • E-Mail Communication – With Project Pipeline you can easily email your contacts directly and archive important incoming e-mail.
Opportunity Management

Opportunity Management

With Project Pipeline, you’ll have access to everything you need to manage your opportunities, including:

  • A Project Centric Opportunity Structure – unlike other cloud-based sales force automation applications, Project Pipeline was built specifically for the construction industry, understanding the importance of the “Project” as the center of your opportunity.
  • The Ability to Automatically Assign Project Opportunities – with Project Pipeline, you can set up filters so that opportunities can be assigned to a particular user in your organization, based on Project or Bidders criteria.
  • Tools to Manage Projects and Bidders by Sales Stages – This enables you to quickly determine if your clients (or prospective clients) are still qualifying, estimating or following up on the project.
  • Reports and Information on the Communication and Activity Around Project Documents – Functionality enables you to manage interaction - including proposals between users associated with the projects and the bidders.
    • Pipeline Opportunity Reports – Project Pipeline’s reporting will provide you with an indication of the action to be taken on “open” projects.
    • Historical Opportunity Reports – This important information will provide you with trends that can help shape planning and strategy.

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