Shoreline Constructors, Inc.

Ventura, CA 93003

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Our Story

We are a full-service steel fabricator providing quality service to residential, industrial and commercial clients in Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.  Our fully equipped modern machine and fabrication shop in Ventura, California offers full service for product fabrication performed exactly to customer’s specifications.

Our key personnel have years of experience in mechanical and metal engineering.  As problem solvers, we focus on our clients’ needs.  We analyze, explore, test and provide solutions to increase productivity and profit.

From brackets and clips for local contractors and merchants to stairs, railings and miscellaneous metals for schools, colleges and local industry Shoreline gets the job done.  We fabricated and installed high-end ornamental brass railings for Disneyland Hotel just prior to completing a project for NASA at Edwards Air Force Base.

We like the idea of using our talented and well equipped shop to fabricate just about anything metal.  We are happy to make it and let you install it or we can offer safe professional installation.  Using the Shoreline Production Interface Operations, we work together closely as a team to achieve realistic, budget conscious solutions.  When possible, items are pre-fabricated at our shop and then assembled on-site by our highly skilled field crews.  This interaction results in reduced downtime, the meeting of deadlines and notable costs savings.

We treat every project with integrity and view it as an opportunity to excel.  Why not give us a call or upload your drawings for a quote.  You’ll be glad you did.

What We Do

Commercial Experience

Regions & Counties Serviced

  • California-Los Angeles and Vicinity

California 1

  • Ventura

New Jersey All

Our CSI Codes

05 01 70 - Maintenance of Decorative Metal
05 01 70.91 - Historic Treatment of Decorative Metal
05 06 70 - Schedules for Decorative Metal
05 12 13 - Architecturally-Exposed Structural Steel Framing
05 12 23 - Structural Steel for Buildings
05 16 33 - Bridge Cabling
05 30 00.00.01 - Metal Decking
05 50 00.00.01 - Metal Fabrications
05 51 13 - Metal Pan Stairs
05 51 16 - Metal Floor Plate Stairs
05 51 23 - Metal Fire Escapes
05 51 36 - Catwalks
05 52 13 - Pipe and Tube Railings
05 73 13 - Glazed Decorative Metal Railings
05 73 16 - Wire Rope Decorative Metal Railings
05 75 00.00.01 - Decorative Formed Metal
05 76 00.00.01 - Decorative Forged Metal

Project Experience

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  • Public
  • Private


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Ornamental Gate
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Ornamental Gate
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Brass Railing
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Staircase Railing
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