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Anderson Mediates

Cave Creek, Arizona 85327
(480) 216-0067

General Information for:
Anderson Mediates

Cave Creek, Arizona 85327
(480) 216-0067

About Anderson Mediates

Cave Creek, Arizona 85327

After mitigation, 90% of construction disputes are resolved by mediation.  Save time, save money, go there first!

Anderson Mediation was formed to meet the needs of the building industry to reduce costs and wasted time by reducing, even eliminating the need for legal action in resolving disputes.  James H. Anderson was the founder and owner of the James H. Anderson Co. of Chicago with over 40 years experience in design and the installation of mechanical systems in large construction projects.

Mr. Anderson has arbitrated and mediated over 1000 construction disputes for his employer and his own firms in the Chicago construction industry with approximately a 90% success rate in addition to 30 years experience in settling industry labor disputes around the country in conjunction with an international construction trade union.  Mr. Anderson has a B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin, is not an attorney, and is available for an initial evaluation of any construction claims dispute.

Mr. Anderson brings experience and expertise in the following areas in construction disputes:

  • Errors and Omissions
  • Jurisdictional labor disputes
  • Building code compliance and violation
  • Criteria verses performance specifications
  • Failure to coordinate job progress
  • Timely production and approval or working drawings
  • Delay of job progress
  • Failures and inadequacies of specified materials
  • Ambiguous and conflicting specifications in bid document
  • Acceptable job/ conditions risk
  • Reasonable expectations of Party's knowledge and expertise
  • Obligation of parties to follow normal and customary procedure
  • Collusion and anti-trust violations
  • Back charges and extras to contract disputes
  • Defective or incomplete work

Phase 1 - 


Once a contractor, owner, or developer has determined there is a dispute and is facing a decision as to how to resolve that dispute as expeditiously, fairly, and economically as possible.  Anderson offers time and experience with a no cost consultation to discuss the options available.  They are: legal suit, The American Arbitration Association, The Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems, The Contractors Registrar Procedure, and independent mediation.  This initial analysis will provide the contractors with information that will allow them to make the next step to the best and most cost- effective way to proceed to resolution.

Phase 2- 


Offer Anderson Mediation services, at a specific fee amount.  Prepare a report that would enable him to arrive at a decision as to which of these procedures is best to arrive at a neutral resolution.  This report would require my firm to:

  • Determine the nature of the dispute and the facts and issues pertinent to the case
  • Attempt to have a consultation with the other party to advise them of the advantages of evaluating and considering these same options that, in at least one case, require his attorney to ethically advise him of an option to the courts.
  • With the information thus obtained, and with possible consultation with the adjudicating organizations, recommend a procedure for resolution of the dispute
  • Present to the party, or parties, a comprehensive report evaluating the most fair and economical approach to the resolution of their differences with as little disruptive effect to the conduct of their normal course of business.  This report would also describe the role and value of their attorney in each of the choices.

Phase 3 -


When the party, or parties decide to further use of the services of Anderson Mediation, we would supervise the preparation and presenttion of the dispute to the chosen authority at an hourly fee.  Confidentiality, at all times, is observed.  The goal of Anderson Mediation is to bring the dispute to a fair, impartial, and economical resolution of the issues with a minimum expenditure of the principal's time, effort, and money.  To this end, we will function as either a neutral or an advocate as the parties determine.


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