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Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara Counties Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara Counties We are located in Los Angeles County.
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Founded In: 1983
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In organizing All Creative Construction, Inc. a small group of hands on executives, seasoned managers, and supervisors were assembled; all who have worked in the field for many years. The orchestration of All Creative Construction Inc. starts with team work. Although there are different personalities and different abilities, they all complement each other to make the company work at its best, like an orchestra.

In the beginning, we specialized in remodels and custom homes. As time went on, we became involved in building apartment complexes and commercial buildings. The ever growing problem of the homeless was a major concern for All Creative Construction Inc. In realizing the need for the homeless and putting that concern into action, we started building homes for the homeless in 1985 with L.A. Family Housing Corp. We have finished over fourteen projects, which have been both satisfying and rewarding. Our approach may not be unique, but we do have an edge because of our size, the ab sence of an inherited structure, and the basic soundness of our business. Our objective is not to increase our size but our efficiency, cut scrap and rework, thus improving our quality.

Although diversified, our forte and roots have always been custom homes. Whether from the ground up or renovation, helping our clients' dreams to come true is the greatest gratification for us. Whereas, due to the early vision and efficient management of its founders, All Creative Construction Inc. has produced consistently high quality housing. This has added significantly to the enhancement of their city and to the future of the residents in their community.

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