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Bills Pest Termite Control is Arizona’s hometown exterminator.  Family owned and locally operated we are the experts that other exterminators call upon when they encounter a pest problem beyond their resources.  For over three generations Bills Pest Termite Control has been providing pest solutions throughout the Valley of the Sun.  Our services are safe, effective and affordable.  Even better, most services include a renewable warranty so our customers have peace of mind knowing that if the pests come back, we come back.

Pest Control Services - 602.308.4509


Pest Control Phoenix QuoteGot bugs? Phoenix Arizona is located in the heart of the Sonoran Desert.  Our mild winter temperatures, wet spring and monsoon seasons make for ideal breeding conditions for pests.  In fact, Arizona is home to over 11,000 unique insects.  It takes a trained and experienced exterminator to control and eliminate these pests.  Our staff is familiar with these critters and we have the expertise to eradicate them all!


Most of us live busy lives and the last thing on our minds is B-U-G-S, that is until we discover hordes of these creepy crawlers inside our home. Most pest infestations do not happen overnight, in fact, the buildup is over a period of time. Favorable nesting conditions, along with access to moisture and food sources will accelerate the time frame. We live busy lives and often miss the signs of an impending infestation.


When you discover the need for pest control services give us a call.  The sooner you call, the sooner we can get you on the road to living in a pest free environment.

Termite Control & Treatment Service - 602.308.4510


Termite Control Phoenix QuoteIt’s no secret that Arizona is the “Termite Capital” of North America.  Not all termites are the same.  We are home to 17 unique types of termites, including one of the most destructive found in the United States.  Most exterminators are only familiar with the more common types of this menace.  Few have the expertise to recognize the subtle signs of infestation from most of the not-so-common types of termites.  Missing an active termite infestation is a recipe for disaster. 


Bills Pest Termite Control is Arizona’s leader in termite detection and eradication.  We provide an array of eradication and detection services.  Additionally, we recommend that every structure be inspected at least once a year for these critters.  These inspections are free.  Termites can be difficult to detect.  Given the cryptic nature of these insect’s active infestations can go unseen for months, years and decades.  Often the first inkling of a problem is when hidden damage is accidently discovered.  If you have, or merely suspect a problem with termites call for a free inspection ASAP.

Bed Bug Pest Control Phoenix


Bed Bug Pest Control ServicesBed Bugs are parasitic insects that feed only on the blood of humans. While they have been around for thousands of years, calls for bed bug pest control in Metro Phoenix have increased in recent years. Detecting and getting rid of these critters is usually not a do-it-yourself project. Small and nocturnal, they are proficient at staying out of sight until after dark when they crawl out of hiding to feast on sleeping, human hosts. At daybreak, they have already scurried back into hiding. Often the only sign(s) of their attack is small blood stains on bedding or bite marks.

Effective bed bug pest control Phoenix requires knowledge and experience. Entrusting eradication to the average exterminator is a recipe for disaster. We receive daily calls from frustrated consumers who have spent hard earned money on do-it-yourself products or new exterminators. These blood-sucking insects usually nest in and around bedding so using pesticides risks the exposure of your household and will only kill the adult bugs. Without continued spraying, relief is only temporary.

We provide a safe chemical free alternative with the use of heat. By introducing heat to infested areas, we can eradicate all the insects including the unhatched eggs with just one service. For more information about Bed Bugs Treatment or Heat treatment services give the Bed Bug Pest control experts a call. – Bills Pest Termite Treatment Phoenix.

If you are having a problem with Bed Bugs - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TREAT THEM YOURSELF!  Bed bugs are beetles and using the wrong product will at best only provide temporary relief.  Spraying insecticides for this pest will make the problem worse while needlessly exposing a household to harsh chemicals.




Mosquito Pest Control

Mosquito Pest Control ServicesMosquitoes are a year-round threat in Arizona. They are not only a nuance but carriers of deadly diseases such as Zika, West Nile, and many others. In fact, Mosquitoes are dangerous. More people die from this micro sized menace than any other creature, including man.

Bills Pest Control provides complete residential and commercial Mosquito Pest Control services throughout the Valley of the Sun. Proactively treating for mosquitos can help minimize the threat these pests pose to your family and customers. Whether you are looking for a quick knock-down fogging/misting or long-term control, we have you covered.

Only spraying pesticides, RAID and using OFF will not bring the problem under control. It will, however, needlessly expose a household to harsh chemicals. Getting rid of this menace is the job for a professional exterminator.

Bills Pest Control has the experience, training, and knowledge to eradicate Mosquitoes. If you’re having a problem give us a call today, the sooner you do, the quicker we can get you back on the road to being Mosquito free.

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