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Earning Your Trust

Trust is something we must earn. Any company can provide a heating system. It’s easy to pop on a electric baseboard or plunk down a furnace or heat pump but is that the best solution?

So we ask a lot of questions. It can be annoying. In doing so, we often can find ways to save you money on both your upfront costs and operating costs. We need to understand your project. We become part of your team. If selling you less product is the correct heating solution, then we sell you less. The key is you’ll have the optimum solution.

Your project is unique. So don’t settle for heating equipment that can’t be custom designed for you.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

In evaluating a heating system, you need to consider a variety of cost elements:

  • Equipment Costs
  • Installation Costs
  • Operating Costs
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Replacement Costs

Equipment, installation and operating costs are different for everyone and for every system.

You’ll receive from us a product quote and estimated operating costs for one year. Other equipment manufacturers won’t give you an operating cost. It’s a black hole for you. Our Homeowner clients report reducing their total costs of heating system ownership by an average of 56.2% and absolutely loving the heating comfort our systems provide!

Your cost for maintenance and replacement parts is $0.00.

As for installation costs, the best example we know of is, two identical buildings in the same town. One used Therma-Ray under slab Earth Storage System and the other an infloor tubing system. The Therma-Ray system was installed in eight (8) hours. The tubing system took five (5) days!!

When all things are considered, your total cost to own a quality heating system is less when using a Therma-Ray radiant system. 

Built for Sustainability

The sun is our best source of radiant heat– simple but effective comfortable heat.

Unfortunately, many simply insist on using overly complicated mechanical systems to heat our homes and offices, often requiring extensive repairs and maintenance.

We were doing “green” and “sustainable” long before it became a necessity. Our products are built to outlive your home or building.

In the commercial arena, our heating panels can be re-configured and re-used time after time to accommodate office changes, eliminating the need for expensive and disruptive HVAC renovations. 

For the home owner, the longevity of our products make them sustainable. There is no need to upgrade furnaces and no need to clean or maintain them. There are no worries about fuel choices, as electricity will be with us for the foreseeable future!

Experienced, Obsessive Responsiveness

During the day we actually answer the phone in person – no automated voice mail message greeting you. 
If we miss your call or it comes via email, we promise a call-back no later than the next business day on any inquiry.

Every member of our Design, Engineer, Contractor and Homeowner Support teams have over ten years of radiant heating system experience. We have helped address every imaginable and some unimaginable challenge and problems faced by engineers, architects, builders and homeowners since 1985.

We get calls every single business day from professionals and homeowners alike looking for straight answers regarding radiant heating systems and how best to use them. We must do a pretty good job addressing their challenges and solving their problems, because 85% of all people who call us end up ordering from us. 

Our approach is simple:

  • We find out what you want to accomplish and work to deeply understand your heating system challenge or problem and
  • … show you how our systems save you time and money while getting the most comfortable heat you have ever experienced. 

If we can’t do it, we’ll tell you.

Unsurpassed Product Quality

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit” - Aristotle 

Delivering a quality product is expected, as it should be. It’s the price of entry to get into the game … so you know everyone will claim they have a high quality product.

The question is: how exactly do they prove it? Here’s our proof:

  • Since 1985 we have zero safety recalls
  • In 2012, we had zero heater product returns or warranty claims; our seventh straight year with 100% product quality results.
  • When we had a few reported  issues with our relay panels, we quickly addressed them, and a revised model is now working defect free.

Our commitment to quality starts with you in mind. High grade materials are used because it costs money to fix problems. They are disruptive to you and costly to us and nobody wins.

We were the first in the industry to use high grade wire alloys. We were the first in the industry to switch from PVC wire coating to the more expensive Teflon ® type coating and now we even use a higher grade coating than that.

Committed to Bringing Comfort to Your Next Project
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